The Best Vertical For Sending Marketing Emails

How effective are marketing emails? Its an easy question to ask, but not so easy to answer. Many factors such as the makeup of your list, your sending reputation and the strength of your email creatives heavily influence how effective your marketing emails can be. That’s why we were intrigued when we saw a recent blog post that focused on a single variable when looking at email effectiveness: industry. As an email software provider that works with companies that operate in dozens of lead verticals and industries, we thought we’d delve into exactly what this means for your company’s email marketing effectiveness.

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Show Me The Marketing Emails Numbers

The chart below displays the average click rate of emails sent within the specified industry on either a batch basis, via a nurturing campaign or on a triggered response to a contact’s action.

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Image courtesy of Marketo
While some of the industries displayed (such as retail or transportation) don’t perfectly align with the most popular lead industry verticals, many more (such as consumer, business and financial services) accurately represent some of the largest lead verticals. This data also overwhelmingly confirms the email industry presumption that campaigns triggered based on an action from the contact convert at a much higher rate than nurture campaigns or traditional batch emails.


What does this mean?

All data above was compiled by a single source with unknown industry labeling standards so should be used as a point of reference rather than a hard and fast rule. If you operate in any of these industries, this chart can serve as a good baseline for what you can expect from your respective campaign type and potentially allow you to estimate the profitability of a similar email campaign.

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