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Our Top 5 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads

We've offered a lot of specific advice for all different lead verticals over the last few years. But sometimes, you just have to ask "How can I quickly generate leads?" Well, ask and ye shall receive. These are the tactics we and countless other companies have used to quickly generate leads:

quickly generate leads by boberdoo.com


In all the time it took you to write a paper in college (you know, 2 hours before the deadline with an energy drink), you can write up an eBook worth reading. Picking a topic you're knowledgable on isn't too hard, and if people love anything, it's information from an expert. Mock it up all pretty in InDesign and slap a form on it. Once you put it out into the world, it's not hard to find people looking for knowledge on any topic, and you can start using those leads for your business needs.

A few tips: Pick something related to, but not entirely exclusive to, your business model. You can bring in more leads if you cover a breadth of industries. For example, we've made eBooks about Home Improvement, Ping Post, and even the presidential election. eBooks are similar to any other content you may write in a number of ways. People will judge your eBook by its cover. People will not click on it if it sounds boring or hard to read. When in doubt, make a list!


Social media is a great source for fresh leads. Facebook and Twitter are even introducing new technologies specifically for lead generators! Facebook has just introduced lead ads, and Twitter has offered lead generation cards for a while now. When potential customers use these links, the form is pre-populated with their account information, removing the hassle of filling out the form entirely! All they have to do is click Submit and their lead is on its way to your lead distribution software.


If you're coming up with all this cool content, are you making sure your regulars and your clients are staying up to date? Make sure your customers are getting a hold of your newsletter so they can see all the awesome content you're pumping out. Newsletters are also great ways for you to send out special deals, cross promotions, and more! Don't be afraid to get creative with them, and load 'em up with CTA's.


We know a thing or two about making and promoting infographics. One thing we can tell you is that they are great for bringing in new leads. By promoting them on social and in our newsletter, we've gotten a number of infographic leads. They're easy to read, fun, and interesting - the perfect storm for lead generators online.


Similar to eBooks, if you're an expert in a subject, you need to make that known. Webinars draw people from all sorts of businesses to your website. From there, you can direct them wherever you need them to go. Bonus points if you require contact info to sign up for the webinar - that way, you can send the recordings to them if they miss it, and follow up with them afterwards!

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Once you get these leads pouring in, you're going to need some way to manage them. That's where we come in. boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution software for more than fifteen years, and we've been on every side of lead generation and distribution. If you want to learn how boberdoo can help you quickly generate leads for your business, click the banner above, or call  800-776-5646.

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