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Why Lead Generation Companies Need a Qualified Person for Security

You might be here because of the new FTC Safeguard Rule, and if so, we have more upcoming posts to help guide you through before the deadline. However, even without the ruling, having someone managing all the information security protocols in a company is a huge plus to any business, especially with the increasing prevalence of data breaches and cyber-attacks. Therefore, one critical component of such a program is having a qualified person overseeing it.

Here are some reasons why lead generation companies should designate a qualified person to oversee their information security program:

  1. Expertise: A qualified person will have the expertise necessary to understand the complexities of information security and develop effective policies and procedures.
  2. Compliance: A qualified person can ensure that the company complies with regulatory requirements, such as the FTC Safeguard Rules, GDPR, CCPA and all the upcoming regulations. We all know there will be many more shortly.
  3. Risk management: A qualified person can identify potential risks to customer data and implement appropriate safeguards to protect against those risks.
  4. Incident response: In the event of a data breach or other security incident, a qualified person can lead the response efforts to minimize the impact on customers and the company.

Lead generation companies can demonstrate their commitment to protecting customer data and minimizing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks by designating a qualified person to oversee their information security program.

Stay tuned for more articles on best practices for safeguarding customer data and complying with the FTC Safeguards.

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