FTC Safeguard Rules - A Guide for Lead Generation Companies

As lead generation companies continue to collect and process sensitive customer information, compliance with the Federal Trade Commission's Safeguard Rules is essential. These rules require companies to establish a comprehensive information security program to protect customer data from unauthorized access, theft, and misuse by June 9th of this year!


Here are some critical steps lead generation companies will need to prepare for compliance:

Lead generation companies can demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding customer data and complying with the FTC Safeguard Rules by taking these steps. Failure to have this in place will result in penalties. 

In addition to these steps, lead generation companies should regularly review and update their information security program to ensure it remains practical and current with changing regulatory requirements. It is a rule for a reason, keeping data safe should be on the front of your business’ mind. You would not want your data to be misused, would you?

With the deadline looming, we will publish relevant posts to help walk you through the steps to ensure your business complies with the FTC. 

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