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Dynamic Ping Post Pricing


Looking For Dynamic Ping Post Pricing Options?

In theory, ping post is a simple process: send part of a lead, get a response and then send the whole lead.  But in practice there are hundreds, sometimes thousands, of decisions that must be made in determining the appropriate buyer of a given lead, especially when companies look for more dynamic ping post pricing options to take advantage of specific opportunities.  The boberdoo.com distribution system provides clients with the ability to set and automate the profit margins of their lead flow to maximize the revenue generated on every lead. If you are unfamiliar with ping post, please click here to read more on the basics of ping post.

Automated Profit Margin

One of the many options of boberdoo.com's distribution software is the ability to set a profit margin based on the specific types of traffic routing through your system.  You can set dynamic ping post profit margins by dollar or percent and by the client or source of the incoming lead.  This flexibility allows boberdoo.com clients to optimize their every relationship while minimizing risk by automatically lowering the bids on less profitable leads.

Dollar Value vs Percent Matrix

Some lead generation companies build their business around a flat dollar markup while others look for the ability to vary the profit margin based on the value of that lead.  Both options can be implemented in dynamic ping post and either option is available in your boberdoo.com distribution system.  For the dollar value option, your system simply calculates the predetermined profit margin based on the bids in your ping tree.  If, for example, you want to make $5 on each lead and the best bid is $20, your system will automatically respond to the seller with $15 ($20-$5). You can also set the dynamic ping post profit margin on a percent basis.  Say, for example, you want to set a 50% profit margin and the best bid is again $20.  In this case, your boberdoo.com system will calculate 50% of the bid ($10) and then pass the balance ($10) as your response to the seller.  The percent calculation option also has the ability to set a percent profit margin based on the dollar value of the lead to create a sophisticated matrix to optimize your lead flow.  Using this option, you could set a 10% profit margin for leads under $10, a 20% margin for leads between $10 and $20 and a 30% margin for leads over $20 bids.  This flexibility is important to remain competitive in the marketplace and optimize your lead flow. In addition to being able to determine profit margin by dollar or percent basis, boberdoo.com clients also can determine where that calculation is performed.

Profit Margin Calculation Based On Lead Seller

boberdoo.com clients that aggregate traffic from multiple lead sellers and/or want to "get into a ping tree" utilize this option for dynamic ping post pricing.  The ability to determine the profit by lead seller gives you the flexibility to place different values on leads from different sellers.  You can set a smaller profit margin for sources that send consistent quality and volume while maximizing the profit on leads from lesser sources by increasing that specific profit margin calculation.  The screenshot below illustrates how the profit margin and dynamic pricing is utilized in the lead seller's source setup.

Dynamic Ping Post


Profit Margin Calculation Based On Lead Buyer

While some lead generation companies want the ability to set the profit margin based on the lead seller, other companies want the ability to determine the dynamic ping post profit margin based on the specific buyer of the lead.  These companies are typically in industries where there is a great variance in the value of the lead buyer. Setting the profit margin on the filter set side allows you to take less profit-per-lead from those clients that consistently pay their bills and reorder, while allowing you to offset the additional risk of other buyers by increasing their profit margin. This dynamic ping post pricing option also offers an advanced Profit Margin Matrix, allowing you to build in specific percentage profit margins based on the total price for that lead.  Below is an illustration of one such matrix.

Dynamic Ping Post

Dynamic ping post is a switch that can be utilized with any source, allowing you to maximize your lead flow with the ability to enter into other sellers' ping tree and only purchase leads that you can sell profitably.  Setting the dynamic pricing on a source-by-source basis allows for maximum flexibility in the lead portfolio, so you can supplement your existing lead flow or essentially outsource the entire lead generation while you focus on the client side.  There are additional switches, like setting a minimum price for a lead sale or a maximum bid on a lead, that can also be set to protect the value of your leads.  There are many custom solutions that can be created off of this base process, depending on your unique situation.  From passing encrypted values to complex scenario-based rules, the boberdoo.com system has the foundation on which you can grow your lead business.

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