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Selling Auto Finance Leads? Maximize Your Volume & Revenue


Auto Finance Leads Are High Volume Ping Post - Can You Capitalize On The Opportunity?

*Disclaimer: we do not buy or sell leads. This page is an overview of the auto finance lead generation industry.

Companies that sell auto finance leads need a back-end distribution system that allows them to efficiently manage the high volume of leads that are available in this vertical.  boberdoo.com clients that sell auto finance leads utilize our ping post process to take in leads from multiple sellers and run them against their buyers' qualifications for potential sales.  If you are not familiar with the ping post process, please click here to learn about the basics.   Due to the high volume and multiple aggregators in this vertical, boberdoo.com has developed several features specific for auto finance lead sellers to allow our clients to maximize the volume of leads available for their buyers without sacrificing lead quality.

selling Auto Finance Leads

Profit Margin

One good part about auto finance leads is that the fields required for this vertical are pretty standardized across the industry.  Lead sellers ping in zip code, social security number and monthly income to the potential lead buyer, who then replies with a bid for that lead.  As you probably know, the boberdoo.com system allows lead generation companies to capture those pings from multiple sources and, in turn, ping those auto finance leads to all of their buyers.  This is where the profit margin performed by the boberdoo.com distribution software comes into play. It gives the lead generation company the ability to carve out a profit margin based on a number of factors.  Our clients can determine the profit margin based on the specific lead seller (i.e. I want a 10% profit margin from ABC and a flat $2 margin from DEF) or the specific lead buyer.  With the profit margin on the buyer side, boberdoo.com clients have the ability to set the margin on a flat dollar amount (i.e. I want $2 on leads sold to 123), a fixed percentage (i.e. I want to take 10% of leads sold to 456) or to create a pricing matrix based on the dynamic bid from the buyer (i.e. if 789 bids less than $10, take 10%, if they bid greater than $10, take 20%).  The flexibility in determining the profit margin is a significant benefit to lead generation companies selling auto finance leads because they have the opportunity to obtain leads from virtually any lead seller as their demand portfolio changes.  To read more about boberdoo.com's dynamic pricing, please click here.



Call Center Verification

Another feature of the boberdoo.com system that can be utilized with auto finance leads is call center verification.  This feature is primarily used when selling leads to dealers and/or companies that desire a more qualified lead.  The process for the ping post is the same as above except that when the lead is sold to a buyer with call center verification selected, it is not delivered to the dealer, but held for manual verification.  The rest of the transaction (cost to lead seller, revenue from lead buyer and everything else that goes along with processing a lead) remains the same.  The lead sits until processed by an internal or external call center, who can either approve the lead or decline it.  If approved, the auto finance lead is then delivered to the buyer, but if the lead is declined, the transaction is rolled back from the buyer's account and sent back to the lead seller to let them know the lead was bad.  This process helps to keep lead quality high and often commands a premium in the marketplace.


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