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Ping Post Software – The Basics


Learning The Basics About Ping Post Software

In lead verticals like home improvement, auto finance and insurance, ping post software is standard operating procedure.  But in other verticals like mortgage, student loan and legal offers, awareness of ping post software can vary greatly.  This page covers some of the basics about ping post software and why it is important for the lead generation industry.  If you are already familiar with ping post, you can explore more details on boberdoo.com's ping post platform here.

Ping Post Software


Ping post software is an application that allows for only partial lead information to be initially transmitted from the lead seller to the lead buyer, giving the lead buyer the opportunity to respond by either accepting or rejecting the lead.  The primary benefit is the ability to protect information, both for the lead and the marketing assets of the lead generator.  The ping post process protects the consumer's information by only sending the full contact information to the lead buyer that will actually service their needs.  This protection of consumer information is good for the lead generation industry as a whole because the more self-regulation the industry can do itself, the less sweeping governmental regulations, like the recent TCPA changes, will go into effect.  The protection of the company's assets, being the lead information itself, is also important because it allows lead generation companies to optimize its lead flow by distributing to companies that can actually service the lead

Who Uses Ping Post Software?

While there are many companies that may utilize ping post software, they primarily fall into two categories.  The first category is agents/contractors/buyers who utilize ping post software to dynamically bid on leads based on internal custom rules.  For example, a lead generator may ping an insurance agent with the zip code, email and whether the lead is a smoker.  The agent can figure out the profitability of a lead with that profile and dynamically bid based on that profitability.  Of course, ping post software runs through this process in real time so the agent develops custom rules for groups of leads that meet certain qualifications. The second category of companies that utilize ping post software is lead resellers, also known as lead aggregators.  Resellers specialize in setting up both buyer and seller relationships with multiple companies.  They will use ping post software to receive pings from multiple lead sellers and send them to their various buyers to see if, and at what price, the lead can be sold.  For example, a home improvement lead aggregator may receive the lead's zip code and project type and check its client list (also known as running it through a ping tree) for eligible buyers.  If it does, the lead aggregator can respond to the original ping with a price.  If there is no potential buyer, the lead will go to someone else.

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