6 Ways To Get Support Questions Answered Quickly!

One of the more difficult parts about working remotely is not being able to just lean over and ask a co-worker a question. Even regular small talk is greatly missed, and I cannot wait to get back and catch up with my co-workers. With that being said, there are a few ways to combat working from home when you have questions.

Video Library

The video library is extra helpful when you are more of a visual learner, or even if you want to listen along as background noise. We have compiled all of our videos both on our video library support page, and on our YouTube Channel. The video library can help you in many different ways, such as your inbound marketing activity, tracking and segmenting your leads, or how to set up and troubleshoot partners and filter sets. Or even more specific issues involving distributing leads, your SMTP settings, boberdoo's data retention policy, setting up and using reports, and a walk through of all the different lead tools. There is also a past webinar section for things that you may not need but would still be interested to know, such as Using Refunds Instead Of Selling Calls On Duration.

boberdoo U

boberdoo-U-logoWe are starting boberdoo U back up around the first week of May! For those of you who do not know, boberdoo U is a way to see webinars about different topics about the system that are helpful to most users. There are more basic ones, such as why leads do not match, or onboarding walk throughs. There are others that are more helpful to more advanced users. If you have ideas for webinars that might be helpful, or you would like some tips and tricks about certain aspects, email sales@boberdoo.com with your suggestions. To see past webinars to get a good idea about what they cover, click here.

Using Conversation Apps

When working from home like many of us are now, chat apps are a lifesaver to stay up-to-date with your teams and different questions that we have. Either video conferencing that allows screen share, or just a regular chat app, screenshots and an editing app can go a long way. If you seem to be having to ask co-workers quite a few questions, it may be in your best interest to try out one of the other options than this one. For those of you who are the go-to for easy questions, this will hopefully help them get the point.

Support Articles

The boberdoo system has many different built-in options that cover multiple different use cases, our software tends to be more complicated than most. Luckily we have a support knowledge base that is filled with support articles to help you along your way. Coupled with our video library mentioned above, any basic questions you have should be able to be solved through either or both.

Just Starting Out

When it comes to onboarding our software, there should be an alert on the homepage of your system that outlines everything you need to do to get set up. It includes links and walk throughs. It is on the homepage when you first log into your system, but if your question is different, here are the top 10 FAQs that new users usually ask.

Open A Ticket

If all else fails, opening a ticket is the best way to get your questions answered. Using a ticket we are able to document and see screenshots of the issue, as well as converse and assign to the appropriate support member. This is more than chat or phone calls can do.

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