Amazon Echo Skill Development & Lead Gen Applications

Over the last few months, we've gone into great detail about not only our own Amazon Echo skill development experience, but also specific options that other companies and developers have when it comes to building Alexa skills. However, for this post we wanted to bypass the technical jargon and framework options and jump into some real-life applications. And because boberdoo has been operating within the lead generation industry for over 17 years, we'll look at some ideas for lead generators specifically.

Amazon Echo Skill Development

The point of this post is not to directly supply you with fully outlined Alexa skill ideas, but to get you thinking about ways that you can take advantage of smart-speaker technology and the Amazon Echo skill development resources *cough* us *cough* at your disposal.

Home Improvement Example

Picture this, that pesky kitchen sink is acting up again and leaking water everywhere. You've got one hand around a leaky section of pipe and the other holding an over-sized monkey wrench, pretending that you know what you're doing. Wouldn't it be nice to yell across the kitchen, "Alexa, find me a plumber!" An Alexa skill could be the perfect supplement for anyone that's already providing a home improvement emergency service.

Recurring Requests Example

If you generate any leads that are associated with frequent requests or re-applications from the same lead, developing an Alexa skill that captures and submits requests via voice-command could be a great option. This could be a great offering if you're doing Payday Leads or auto insurance leads who could request a new quote every six months.

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Mortgage Calculator Example

Buying a house (and specifically searching for mortgage options) is a long process. You could help those searching for a home with an Alexa-enabled mortgage estimation calculator. A voice-activated Alexa skill could help users crunch the numbers on things like interest rates, down payments, personal mortgage insurance, homeowner insurance and property tax to give users a better idea of the mortgage options they should be pursuing. This wouldn't be something that turns users directly into mortgage leads, but it could be something to help you build brand equity and potentially much more down the road.

Lead Buyer Example

We've been brainstorming consumer-facing ideas so far, but what about your lead buyers? Wouldn't it be nice to provide your buyers with a voice-activated overview of their lead volume, daily spend or other buying data each day? You could even up-sell this functionality to make some extra cash.

There is no shortage of Amazon Echo skill development ideas in the lead generation industry and there are certainly so many more great applications that have nothing to do with lead gen at all. The beauty of this new technology is that other companies have only scratched the surface of what is possible with the Amazon Echo and other voice-activated smart speakers. If you're interested in getting ahead of the game and utilizing this quickly evolving technology, now is the time!

If you're looking to explore any Amazon Echo skill development projects, we would love to help. Our experienced team would be happy to help turn your idea into a fully functioning Amazon Alexa skill. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below to get started!

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