News (2008-01-10)

The newest release of the boberdoo lead system includes functionality for live phone deliveries.  What this means is lead buyers can be talking to the lead within seconds of the lead submitting an online application.

How it works:

  1. Lead comes into a boberdoo system and is matched with lead buyer(s)
  2. System checks to see if any of those lead buyers are currently taking phone deliveries
  3. If so, the system places an automated call to the matching lead buyer with a message such as, "You have a new lead from ZZZ Leads ready to be contacted.  Press 1 to connect now."
  4. The lead buyer then presses 1 and the system makes a phone call to the lead and connects the calls.  The lead buyer hears the phone ring just like if he/she had placed the call.

Lead companies can charge lead buyers a connection fee as well as a per minute fee for the new phone delivery feature.

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