Why You Should Buy Aged Leads

Some things in life are meant to be aged. Good cheese, fine wine, leather boots… but leads? Not so much. Most people think of a sales lead as something that needs to be pounced on immediately. While it’s true that you’re going to have a higher success rate with fresh leads, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy aged leads. Aged leads have some definite benefits that keep them out of the trashcan and in the lead pool.

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They Won’t Break the Bank

No matter what vertical you’re in, finding aged leads is the easiest way to get leads on a budget. You’re going to end up paying a fraction of the cost of a normal lead to get leads that are even a day old. Save your money for fancy custom work or your holiday party by sticking with cheap, aged leads.

You’ll Never Run Out

One of the beautiful things about aged leads is that you’re gonna be hard pressed to buy just a few. Aged leads tend to come in bulk (sometimes in batches of 20-50k), so you’ll always have leads to work on. Once you’re done, enough time will have passed that another batch of leads will be ready to go. Spend your time prospecting, not scrounging for leads.

They’re Not Hard to Find

If you’re looking to buy aged leads, you don’t have to look very hard. There are dozens if not hundreds of services that can provide aged leads, and it’s as simple as putting in payment and downloading a spreadsheet. Once you have it, it’s easy to upload your spreadsheet in bulk (at least, it is if you’re using boberdoo). Aged leads are convenient for everyone involved – just another reason to spend less, get more, and get started right away.

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Whether your leads are fresh off the form or aged like fine wine, we at boberdoo would be happy to help you buy and sell them. Our lead system processes over 1.7 million leads per day. Why don’t we add yours to it? Click the banner above or give us a call at 800-776-5646.

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