Two Changes Your Call Center Lead Generation Needs

There are a lot of moving parts with call center lead generation – working out phone routing to anywhere from a few to hundreds of agents, making sure the leads are hot, and making sure everyone is saying the right thing. But do you know what you’ll need to makeover to maximize the effectiveness of your call center lead generation? Read on:


Use Scripts For Your Call Center Lead Gen Efforts

The script in a call center is hugely important, but often times it becomes low priority behind sales sales sales. But a script that’s poorly written causes a few issues. The first is that you may not be getting the information your business requires. If you’re working in mortgage leads and your script leaves out the value of the home, it’s going to be impossible for the end-user to get a proper quote. Taking this into account, a second issue is how agents in the call center may take this upon themselves. This leads to inconsistency in your leads, and your lead buyers will notice. When agents are picking and choosing their questions, that means poor lead quality and poor sales.

When was the last time you reviewed your call center’s script? It’s good to do it as often as every six months, and you need to make sure your script has a few things: A clear path for each issue that may arise, space for agents to customize within limits, and the brevity to get the client off the phone as soon as possible to maximize your lead generation.

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Redistributing Aged Leads

Some companies are inclined to use only the freshest of leads. But as we’ve written time and time again, aged leads can’t be overlooked. Working with aged leads guarantees a large number of leads for a very low price, meaning that even if a lead wastes your time, they’re not going to be wasting your money. If you have leads that don’t match up with buyers or for some reason go overlooked, they’re not worth throwing away. Some people only use the freshest of leads, and then get concerned when they run out. With aged leads, quantity is never something to be concerned about, and though quality isn’t always great, it’s easy to discern that with just a few seconds on the call.

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