5 Reasons That Aged Leads Should Not Be Overlooked

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Aged leads get a bad rap. Sure, they’re not as demanded as real-time leads. Yes, it’s true that they have likely been sold to several other buyers and we all know they don’t command the same premium as any real-time or exclusive leads. So why do we at boberdoo like aged leads so much? The answer is simple. We know how to make them profitable. So if you’re still overlooking aged leads, now is the time to reevaluate. Read our 5 reasons that aged leads should never be overlooked.

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1. Never Let a Lead Go To Waste Again

The most obvious benefit of selling aged leads is never letting any leads go to waste. If a lead is posted into your system and you don’t have an available buyer, you are missing out on a sales opportunity that dropped right in your lap. By selling aged leads, you can make a sale on your unsold leads and ensure that you are always maximizing your ROI on every lead.

2. Recycle Your Product

Even if you have a good set of buyers for each of your verticals and regularly sell all of your incoming leads in real time, you can still utilize aged leads. After selling your real-time leads and letting them age, you can re-sell the same leads to new buyers at a discounted rate. This allows you to recycle the same lead and make more money on the same lead without any additional cost to you.

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3. Multiple Selling Options

With sophisticated lead distribution solutions like the boberdoo.com system, you have multiple options when selling aged leads. You can profit from your aged leads in the traditional manner by selling to buyers in batches. However, you can also sell your aged leads on a one-off basis. All you need is a tool we call the Cherry Picker. The Cherry Picker allows your buyers to shop for individual aged leads based on the fields you make available to them and allows you to price them based on their age.

4. Attract New Buyers

Another large benefit of selling aged leads is the ability to attract new buyers. Some companies or agents ignore real-time leads altogether and strictly buy batches of aged leads at a discounted price. By simply including aged leads into your product offering, you can immediately attract a new group of buyers that would have otherwise never bought from you.

5. Limited Opportunity

Now is the best time to start selling aged leads. As government regulations continue to pile up, its becoming harder to for your buyers to reach out to the aged leads they purchase. In the near future, buyers won’t be able to contact leads that have not consented to being contacted by then. So if you already have a lead distribution system that is capable of selling aged leads, don’t waste any more time. Jump on board and sell your aged leads now while you still can and take advantage of this great revenue opportunity.

boberdoo.com is a lead distribution software provider for companies in the lead industry. Along with aged leads, our expertise ranges to real-time lead routing and ping post to call routing as well. Our lead distribution systems are the most sophisticated on the market and are built to help you not only manage your back-office tasks with one convenient platform, but also to help you increase your revenue on every lead you sell. If you would like to learn more about our aged leads solutions or the boberdoo.com lead distribution system in general, give us a call at 800-776-5646 or click the Contact Us tab.

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