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Client Referrals: A New Way to Find Leads

Sometimes, no matter how many cold calls you make, how many sheepish emails you type, and how many desperate forum posts you make, the stream of leads just dries up. It’s not just you. We’ve heard many of our boberdoo clients discuss the same thing. “I can work with more leads,” they say, “ but sometimes they just aren’t there.” Trust us, we hear you. Well, we have always prided ourselves in our system, and now, for boberdoo clients, we are reaching out, with our new Client Referrals page:

client referrals boberdoo.com


Finding Ping Post Leads via Client Referrals

Our client referrals system couldn’t be easier. Head over to the client referrals page here and fill out this form with your contact info, verticals, lead format, and what you’re looking for, and we’ll personally make introductions for you via email. Whether looking for buyers, sellers, or both, our database is constantly growing, and we do our best to make introductions easy and quick. Be sure to include any notes for special requests if you need them and we will do our best to accommodate.

Within a week of filling out the contact form, you should have an email in your inbox connecting you to new partners or vendors. We at boberdoo are excited to help our customers reach out and expand their growing networks and put more cash in their pockets. But if you're concerned about privacy, don't sweat it. Only clients who voluntarily enter the system are introduced.
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