Enjoy Your Summer | 8 Ways To Automate Your Leads!

Summer is officially here! It’s the season of campouts, cookouts and mosquitoes. And although we know that you want to enjoy all three of these summer staples (except maybe the mosquitoes), we also know that you have your business to run. 

Well, get ready to enjoy the summer sunshine because we’ve got you covered. With the right lead distribution software, you can automate your lead business in several different ways. Which is especially handy over the holidays, or during these long lazy days of summer.


Did you know that, with automation, you can:

  • Optimize your lead flow
  • Maximize revenue

Which will allow you to:

  • Balance your workload
  • Focus on your business


So, fire up that grill, light the citronella candles and relax. Enjoy your summer by letting these automation tools do the work for you:

#1 Real-time Lead and Call Routing

If you are not already automatically routing all of your leads and calls from every vendor and lead source in real-time to your network of lead buyers, this is where you need to start.


#2 Automated Invoicing and Re-Billing

Billing is one of the most time-consuming monthly tasks for a lead company, but it is also one of the easiest tasks to automate. With the right system, you can automatically invoice each lead buyer based on the previous month’s activity. With advanced solutions such as boberdoo, you can even implement automated subscription fees or rebilling triggers.


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#3 Timed Reports

If you spend any time away from the office over the summer, and we hope that you do, we know you might still be tempted to take a peek at your business. With timed reports, you can get any report automatically emailed to you on the interval of your choice.

#4 Artificial Intelligence Savings Model

Tired of constantly adjusting bid prices? Set a price and let the AI saving model work for you, learn more

#5 Custom Deliveries

The second step to automate your lead business is delivering to your buyers or posting into their CRM or LMS. We’ve got you covered here too. Either use our custom delivery wizard or put in a request for us to build you an integration into any external system. We can even help you customize your email deliveries and help you set up automated SMS deliveries as well.


#6 Webhooks

When using sophisticated lead software to run your business, automated notifications are vital. With so many moving parts for each individual lead running through the entire distribution process, manual monitoring is impossible. Webhooks will alert you to any issues arising in your system, or simply keep you informed of the ongoing activities in your system.


#7 Automate Your Onboarding Process

Did you know that your lead system has a signup page that can be enabled and customized to completely automate the onboarding of a lead buyer? To set this up, go to your default signup page: https://yourleadsystem.leadportal.com/signup

In order for a partner to receive leads, they must have:
  1.  An active account
  2.  Available funds
  3.  A matching filter set
This default signup covers 2 of these 3, account creation and taking the partner's credit card. There is a lot of variance in filter sets, what individual clients want to ask their partners vs what they want to set as defaults so that is not included. We can customize the signup page to ask whatever filter questions and set defaults for the rest so the partner can get live in your system via the link.

*Automated onboarding is NOT a substitute for vetting lead buyers. We strongly suggest verifying lead buyers to make sure they should be receiving lead data before setting them active. Please consult with your counsel.


#8 Bid Experiments & Additional Rules

Are you maximizing your business's revenue in ping post? Bid experiments provide the answer and allow you to automate the bid adjustments by setting rules. Which is one of the best ways to automate your lead business. With sophisticated systems like boberdoo, you can set specific rules at various levels of the system, such as system-wide, source-level and more. For example, with boberdoo you can set rules and restrictions for your partners requesting refunds at the system-level or even based on the individual buyer.


At boberdoo, we encourage all of our clients to automate as many parts of their lead business as possible, and continue building solutions that allow for this. If you would like to automate your lead business, are interested in any of the points above or even looking into a new lead distribution system entirely, give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below. We have been helping lead companies automate their lead businesses since 2001. We would be happy to help you too. 

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