Growth, New Office, Design Changes and Monthly Newsletter

By: admin

In the past twelve months we have doubled the number of boberdoo employees. We have also added a new office in Europe. The demand from both our current clients, and those we have brought on, has forced us to expand the operation. There are a lot of things we can do better and we believe the additional staff is going to help make that happen.

One of the main goals is to make our client communications better (and more frequent). There are a lot of great features within boberdoo that many of our clients might not know about. We are currently working on new how to videos as well as a new back end design for the lead system itself. The new design will make things more efficient and easier to use. As a rule of thumb we have always put functionality before design but now we must catch up a bit. To help shed light on some of the features we will also be working on a monthly newsletter so our clients can always know what is in the pipeline as well as what is already there but they just might not know about.

I would also like to take time to thank our customers for the feedback. The lead generation market is constantly evolving and we will strive to keep you all running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

- Brad Seiler

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