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LeadsCon New York is coming up in a few weeks and Jay Weintraub has been kind enough to give me a link so boberdoo customers can still get discounted pricing.

Brett will be attending from boberdoo so if you'd like to set up a meeting with him to chat about features, problems, etc., please email or call to set that up.

There is one quick tip I would like to get into this email (especially considering that BlueHost is down right now). A typical lead company that uses boberdoo will have us set up their lead system on a domain like leads.company.com where company.com is their main business website. We host the leads.company.com system in our data center and our client puts company.com at some other web host. What we would strongly recommend is that you do not use your web host to handle your DNS. DNS is what points a domain like company.com to an IP address at a data center. It is how leads.company.com gets pointed to the boberdoo data center.

So why separate DNS from your web host? When a web host goes down, many of them do not use redundant DNS servers outside of their own data center so when your company.com website goes down, that also takes down your DNS. When your DNS goes down, then the record leads.company.com also goes down. So, even though your boberdoo system is still there, the internet can not find it because your DNS is dead. If you are selling phone calls or have vendors posting leads into your boberdoo system, that will then stop working. Same thing goes for email if you are using an outside email like Gmail or Office365. If DNS goes down, so does your email.

We have used several DNS providers over the years. The three I would recommend are -
DNS Made Easy - https://cp.dnsmadeeasy.com/u/21143
Amazon's Route53 - http://aws.amazon.com/route53/
Cloudflare - http://www.cloudflare.com

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We will be sending out another email in a week or so that will cover new staff at boberdoo to handle questions/issues, a super inexpensive emailing platform that we are going to recommend, the new boberdoo backend coming up soon that is responsive (looks/works well in browsers and cell phones / tablets), mobile marketing, and much more!

To learn more about LeadsCon and DNS, please click on the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.


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