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6 Scares For Your Lead Generation Business This Halloween

When you think of Halloween and horror films what comes to mind? Michael Myers tracking down his prey or a madman with a chainsaw? What about an inefficient lead business or under-performing lead distribution software? It gives me the chills just thinking about it. In this blog post we identify some of the biggest scares for your lead generation business and how to counteract them.

6 scares for your lead generation business

1. Time-Sucking Processes

For a lead generation business, tedious tasks can be terrifying. Whether you operate a one-man shop or have one hundred employees, inefficient processes can be a real constraint on profits. The key in lead generation is automation. Be sure to evaluate all manual responsibilities for automated alternatives. If an automated process can’t be built, then maybe your software is the problem.

2. Client Graveyard

Are you losing clients or don’t have enough buyers or sellers to keep your lead generation business thriving? Many factors could be at play, but perhaps you just need a new pipeline. A huge part of the lead industry is finding the right balance of lead supply and lead demand. At boberdoo, we like to help our clients with the latter. Be sure to ask us about our client referral program.

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3. Lead System Problems and Dead Ends

Whether its issues with scaling, ping post ineptitude or a lack of features, using the wrong lead distribution software can be the biggest problem for a lead generation business. If your lead distribution system isn't meeting your needs, maybe its time to explore a new option.

4. Short-Lived Software

Many of the problems listed in number 3 come from using unestablished lead distribution software. A huge part of your lead generation business is in the hands of your lead distribution software, so why would you opt for a new technology that may be out of business in a year?

5. Billing Nightmares

Billing should be the best day of the month for your lead generation business. However, we have talked to so many lead businesses that struggle with billing every month. You should have the flexibility to auto-generate invoices, charge via multiple payment gateways or even set up auto-rebilling. If you don't, you're probably spending way too much time on billing.

6. Grueling Regulations

Regulations are one of the scariest obstacles for lead generation companies. They have changed quite a bit in the last few years and many violations can bring some serious consequences for your lead generation business. That's why its important to do everything you can to stay on top of industry regulations and utilize tools to keep your business safe. Working with a company that has been around since 2001 certainly wouldn't hurt (hint, hint).

boberdoo.com is the leading provider of lead distribution, call routing, ping post and outbound automation software. If you operate a lead generation business, you can do no better than choosing boberdoo as your lead system provider. We would be happy to discuss your lead business needs (and biggest nightmares) and determine exactly how you can use our solution to grow your business.

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