Features of My Dream Lead Distribution Platform

Some dreams are more exciting than others. Some people dream about flying, some people dream about their teeth falling out… Me? Well, I’m not too ashamed to admit that I dream about leads. Sometimes they’re nightmares (“What do you mean none of the leads matched?!”), but when I’m sleeping soundly, I dream of a couple of features that my perfect lead distribution platform would have:

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According to InsideSales.com, contacted a web lead within the first 5 minutes of their lead submission means you’re 9 times more likely to convert them. An ideal lead distribution platform wastes no time between accepting a lead, matching the lead, and delivering the lead to your sales team. If I’m in charge of my own sales performance, I want a lead distribution platform that can keep up.

Custom Deliveries

Speaking of quick delivery, let’s talk custom deliveries. I’m always on the go, and I need to get my leads in convenient ways. For that, I’d need a lead distribution platform that can e-mail me, text me, and provide me with PDFs or spreadsheets to keep filed away. This way, if I’m in the office or working from home, or even on my way to meetings and conferences, I can stay connected to my leads network.

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Versatile Distribution

In order to get high quality and frequent leads, a versatile lead distribution platform is ideal. Whether working with ping post, round robin, or manual distribution, I want to be able to choose how I spend my money and where I get my leads from, and even base that off of the sellers I work with or the buyers that those leads may end up going to. Versatility is important for an ideal system.

Flexibility for Any Business

Beyond just choosing my system on a per-client basis, I want to be able to adjust settings for each buyer or seller like price, priority, limits, and more. This way I can work more with companies that treat me well, and penalize the companies that don’t. Whether I’m on my own or with a sales team of 20 other people, I want to be able to set proper limits so I can contact high quality leads without worrying about waste.

Once I wake up, I brush my teeth, bike to work, and then realize that all of these features already exist in boberdoo! We’ve been building lead distribution systems since 2001, and we’re confident that we have the most sophisticated lead distribution platform around. If you’re interested in finding out more, give us a call at 800-776-5646, or click the banner above to contact us online!

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