The Most Profitable Lead Distribution Options

Believe it or not, there are still many companies that distribute their leads on a bulk or batch basis. Even if you’re a lead generation veteran and already distributing your leads in real-time, have you considered each of your lead distribution options? With the right lead software, your lead distribution options aren’t limited. The key is picking the right ones.

lead distribution options with boberdoo

Standard Real-time Lead Distribution

If you’re not already selling leads in real-time, this is your first stop. Not only does a completely automated lead distribution system save you the time and hassle of manually selling leads, but it also has sophisticated pricing options that bulk selling does not.

Ping Post

If you’re looking for peak efficiency when selling and distributing your leads, you can do no better than ping post. If you’re not familiar with ping post, check out our ping post basics whitepaper. When distributing leads via ping post, you have the ultimate luxury of aggregating bids and always selling each lead for it’s maximum value.

Raw calls

Calls sell at a much higher price than web leads. Stop restricting yourself to web leads and start advertising a phone number as well. You can distribute your live calls with the same logic as web leads and make a whole lot more doing it.

Live transfers

Live transfers give you a great middle-ground lead distribution option. Even if you’re only collecting web leads, you can dial each of your leads and transfer the live call to your buyer. This provides the extra value of instant contact between the lead and your buyer, and could net you a much higher profit than selling the web lead alone.

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While there are certainly several nuances when it comes to lead distribution options (I’m looking at you Payday), these four are some of the best options for any lead company. If you’re looking to utilize any of these lead distribution options, boberdoo would be glad to help. Our established software provides each of these services and our experienced team would be happy to get you started. Give us a call at 800-776-5646!

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