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The Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sell Calls

Sometimes it can seem like lead selling is a complicated business. Knowing how to sell leads or how to sell calls can seem daunting. Luckily, though, it's not actually too complicated. If you have a phone number and some interested buyers, setup is pretty straightforward. If you're trying to find out how to sell calls, look no further:

how to sell calls with boberdoo.com

Live Transfers or Raw Calls?

Just like any business, it's important to plan out exactly what you're doing before you start to put things in place. If you're planning on selling sales lead calls, you essentially have two options. Live Transfers, where a dedicated caller calls out to prospective customers, qualifies them, and then transfers them over to a lead buyer, or Raw Calls, where prospective customers call your number and you transfer the calls to a lead buyer. Both have their pros and cons. Live Transfers tend to require a dedicated call center, but contact rates are quite good. Raw Calls rely on the customers to do most of the work, so while anyone calling is by default interested in your service, the number of calls coming in may be lower.

Get Yourself Some Digits

You're going to need to start buying up some phone numbers for your business. This feature is actually built into the boberdoo system, so you can buy numbers directly through our software. Otherwise, there are plenty of groups that own lists of numbers that would be happy to sell or rent them to you.

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Buyers Who Are Interested In Calls

Once you have the basics of your call selling business figured out, you need to get some clients. You can reach out to clients individually, find them on business sites like LinkedIn, or if you're a boberdoo client, we've made things easy. Just use our Client Referrals page to be introduced to our growing roster of companies looking for new companies to work with!

A Rock Solid Call Routing Software

You're not going to want to try and route all this stuff by hand, are you? A software like boberdoo can automatically route your callers to the right people, keep track of all of your billing, and employ advanced filters to make your network as advanced or as basic as you want.

Advertise That Number

Once you have your numbers, you're going to need a way to advertise them. There's a couple of avenues you can take. The most common is putting it on a landing page on your site. This page is where you direct all future traffic. It includes a contact form (which the boberdoo system can easily help you make), information about your service, testimonials, and other information to entice your visitors to use your business. Once you have a good lookin' page, do your best to drive all your traffic to it. Google Display, AdWords, Bing, Yahoo!, blog posts, billboards, infomercials... the more avenues of traffic the better.

 Set up your settings (timing restrictions, filters, etc)

You've got calls coming in from all over, and business is booming! You need to make sure your calls are going to the right people for the right price, though. Luckily, with a system like boberdoo, you can filter in hundreds of different combinations to make sure everything is going where it's supposed to.

In case you haven't caught on yet, boberdoo's software is designed to handle call routing operations of any shape or size, and we would be happy to show you how to sell calls & kickstart your business. Give us a call at  800-776-5646, or just click the banner above to request a free demo!

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