How To Choose The Right Lead Software

There is a lot of lead software on the market. A quick Google search will give you everything from vaguely descriptive platforms in the lead management category to lead generation software that guarantees to automatically generate X amount of leads in X amount of days. Between the wildly non-descriptive and the clearly bogus lead software solutions on the market, a lead generation company can easily get caught in the mess without the proper tools necessary to manage and even grow their business. That’s why we’ve put together a buyer’s guide built to help you look for the right things when picking out lead software. By picking the right lead software now, you can avoid countless problems in the future.

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Lead Software Questions To Ask Yourself

Are you buying leads, selling leads or both?

This is your first and most important question. Many lead systems focus on only one of these aspects. If you only plan on selling leads, you can probably be more general with your search. However, if you plan on buying leads (especially on a ping post basis) or even buying and selling, you will need a more sophisticated solution.

Are you dealing in traditional web leads, ping post leads or calls?

Each of these leads are tracked, routed and sold in different ways. However, not all lead software comes with the standard options that handle each of these. Even if you’re not currently utilizing ping post or routing calls, if you ever plan on expanding your business, now is the best time to utilize lead software that can do it all.

What verticals are you operating in?

This is a simple, but important question. Each lead system handles lead verticals differently so it is important to know whether your exact vertical specifications can be met. Additionally, some lead software allows you to seamlessly incorporate all of your lead verticals in one system. If you plan on expanding into additional verticals down the road, make sure your lead software can handle your new requirements.

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Do you work with affiliates?

Affiliate management is one of the more sophisticated features of lead software. If you work with affiliates you need the appropriate tracking and payout options, however you also need to make sure you’re not sacrificing any capabilities on the lead distribution end.

What is your anticipated lead volume?

It is easy to grab the cheapest lead software on the market and hope that everything will run smoothly. However, oftentimes the issue with inexpensive solutions is how they handle higher lead volume. If your business grows and is doing a large amount of leads each day, you shouldn’t be punished with slowed processing times (especially when you’re using ping post.) When choosing a lead system, make sure there is no growth ceiling impeding your progress.

Do you need a form builder?

Forms are an integral part of any lead business. By utilizing lead software that comes with a built in form builder, you can save money by not needing to hire additional employees to build the form or pay for any custom integrations into your lead system.

How do you handle billing?

How do you bill for your leads? How do you want to bill for your leads? One of the biggest advantages of having lead software is automatically handling billing. Make sure your lead system can bill exactly how you prefer so you can spend less time worrying about invoice totals and more time finding new ways to grow your business.

When evaluating lead software, we sincerely hope you ask yourself these questions. It is easy to be nearsighted when choosing a lead system, but it is extremely difficult to manage your business if you run into problems with your lead software down the road.

boberdoo has been building lead distribution software since 2001. We see new lead software come and go every year which leaves the unfortunate bunch that hopped on the “next big thing” stuck with no way to manage their lead businesses. While we are certainly biased in thinking our software is the best solution on the market, 14 years of success in an industry that sees businesses come and go in the blink of an eye speaks for itself. If you’re in the market for a lead system, let’s talk. We can discuss your specific business needs and determine whether or not boberdoo could be the right solution for you. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab.

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