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How To Find The Right Advanced Call Routing Software

We all know the internet and its web leads are popular. And as the technology improves, they’re only getting more popular by the day. But there’s still plenty of room for the old fashioned sales call, right? The personal touch, the time commitment saying “We will set aside part of our day to make sure we get your problems sorted out.” Well, it should come as no surprise that technology is keeping up with this mentality as well. Call routing software is getting more advanced all the time, introducing new automatic and statistical features to make sure your sales team is prepared to take a call and help their customers any time, any place. But there’s a lot of these programs out there. How can you find out which one is right for you? Well, if you keep an eye out for these advanced call routing features, you can’t go wrong.

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What is advanced call routing?

Your standard call routing software has the basic functionality to get a phone call from one person to another. It’s a fancy way of saying “Please hold while we transfer your call.” Advanced call routing requires sending calls to the right places at the right times, despite numerous numbers, campaigns, and businesses. Whether a company is running two campaigns or twenty, in one time zone or ten, advanced call routing is the program to automate your calls going to all the right places at all the right times.

Tracking and Analyzing

Any decent call routing service will get your calls where they need to go, but a good sign for an advanced call routing program is the ability to track and analyze where calls are going, when, to whom, how long they last, and much more. Especially keep an eye out for call routing software that records the calls. These allow you to quality check your tech and your sales force to make sure your business is doing its very best.

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Advanced call routing software will be able to prioritize phone numbers, ringing them sequentially. This means that if your first sales member is unavailable, your system will work until it finds someone that can take the call. Customers don’t like being told that they will be called back (or, worse, to call back later), so ensuring that customers get the help they need right away will do wonders for your sales reputation.

On the Go

Call forwarding means that, at the click of a button, any call to your office can come to you while running errands, working from home, or lounging by the pool. It can even be set up to reach different numbers at different times of day, for those who can take sales calls on their home phone, work phone, and cell phone. Sales is a business that only rests when you do, so take it with you whenever you need to get work done.

It should come as no surprise to you that boberdoo’s advanced call routing system does all of these things. boberdoo has been innovating and improving the lead industry for over 14 years. Our sophisticated lead and call routing technology continues to help our clients organize and optimize their businesses and sell more leads. If you want to take your business to the next level, we would be glad to help! Give us a call at 800-776-5646.

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