What Is a Lead System?

Generally speaking, a lead system is any piece of software that handles sales leads. The end.

…Okay, so it’s not actually that simple. The general category “lead system” can actually refer to several different types of software with completely different features and functionality. So what lead system is right for you? It really just depends exactly where your business falls between the time a sales lead is generated and the time the service provider reaches out to the lead. Read below for a brief definition of each type of lead system and to find out how each are used.

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A CRM or customer relationship management tool allows you to organize each of your sales leads, record notes and generally track your interactions as you walk each individual lead through your sales process. While you probably already know what a CRM is, it is important to note that CRMs contain no functionality when it comes to buying and selling leads. The lead’s end service provider’s CRM is typically the last stop for any lead. Because of this, more sophisticated lead systems typically integrate with most CRMs.

Lead Management System

A lead management system is similar to a CRM in the sense that it helps the user organize and manage their leads. However, lead management systems typically come equipped with marketing features that allow you to (sometimes automatically) move leads down your sales funnel. Lead management systems are typically used by the end service provider rather than a lead generation company.

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Lead Generation System

Lead generation systems are the wildcard of the lead system category. In general, a lead generation system promises to automatically “generate” leads for your business. This can vary from software that ‘scrapes’ the internet for contact information to basically buying aged data. While they may seem like the easy way out, anyone who has spent time in the lead industry knows that a lead generation system is certainly not the best way to acquire high quality leads.

Lead Distribution System

While most lead systems handle the back half of the lead generation process, lead distribution systems handle the front half. A lead distribution system allows you to track, route and sell all of your incoming leads to your network of buyers in real-time. Sophisticated lead distribution software even comes with features such as phone routing, a form builder and even affiliate management tools. So while CRMs, lead management systems and even lead generation systems are typically used by the end service provider (agents, contractors, etc.), lead distribution systems are typically used by lead generation companies who then sell leads to the end users.

Finally, lead distribution systems are also the only lead system with ping post capabilities. If you are looking to buy or sell leads in a ping post vertical, your only option is to utilize a lead system with ping post capabilities. If you’d like to learn more about ping post, click here.

boberdoo.com is a leading provider of lead distribution software. Since 2001, we have been innovating and improving the lead industry. Over the years, we have seen dozens of lead systems come and go in the blink of an eye and are proud to say that there is a reason our lead system has been around for so long. Simply put, it helps our clients save time and make more money. If you’d like to explore boberdoo and see exactly how it can benefit your lead company, please give us a call at 888-665-4510 or click the button below.

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