Why Lead Tracking Is So Important

Sometimes in lead generation, you don’t get a map. Leads will run through your system, and if you’re using the wrong software, you’ll just have to assume it’s working in your best interest. However, some of the best lead distribution software comes with the best lead tracking software. Here are a couple of ways that good lead tracking can help your sales:

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See Where Things Go Wrong

Lead distribution has never been an exact science, and sometimes, things go wrong. Leads go unmatched, get refunded, or drop in value, and this can happen for seemingly no reason. Lead tracking lets you get to heart of the issue. Being able to interpret where your leads are going means that you can find the solutions to these problems and make sure that your leads are making you the most money.

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Optimize Your System

It’s important to be able to see how fast your system is running. Lead distribution is a process that can happen in under a second. If your leads are being rejected, they could be going too slowly, and that’s where lead tracking comes in. Keeping track of your lead timing can lead to more leads being sold and less annoyed customers, which are both critical for your business to be successful.

Find Who’s Buying and Who’s Not

Lead distribution isn’t just about the leads, but also about your buyers and sellers. Every lead generation company has their all star clients, and every so often, their duds. Being able to find out your best and worst-performing buyers and sellers is only possible with proper lead tracking. It’s important to make sure your clients are actually being useful to your business by tracking their data through your system.

boberdoo’s lead tracking is among the best of the best. We have been developing our lead distribution software since 2001, and we would be happy to show you how it can help your business.  If you’re in the market for a lead system, let’s talk. We can discuss your specific business needs and determine whether or not boberdoo could be the right solution for you. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 or click the red Contact Us tab.

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