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1 Scary Truth About Certain Lead Software Providers

Lead distribution systems are built to act as the backbone of your lead generation business. Your lead distribution system should handle so much of your lead business automatically that you never have to worry about the actual lead distribution and selling process. Your system should be so secure and built with the right features to protect yourself from data breaches. But above all, your lead software provider should be solely committed to providing you the software and service required to help your business succeed with no conflicts of interest.

The scary truth about some lead software providers is that they also operate lead generation businesses competing in the very same markets as their clients.

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Why Is This A Conflict Of Interest?

If it’s not already self-evident how scary it is to choose a lead generation company as your lead software provider, think about it this way.

That’s like a car dealership using a competitor to file their buying and selling records and store their excess vehicle inventory. No, the competing dealership probably isn’t going to steal the cars and sell them as their own. But what’s stopping them from taking note of your buying behavior, inventory and prices and making internal adjustments accordingly? What's preventing them from learning about your most successful product sourcing avenues or your best customers?

In reality, this scenario is worse when dealing with lead generation companies because the inventory and data you are willingly exposing to another lead generation company is often personal customer data. If keeping your lead data and business relationships out of the hands of your competitors wasn’t motivation enough, the implementation of the GDPR and the ongoing emphasis on protecting customer data should be.

What's More Important?

We understand the desire to try to save a few pennies when picking a lead distribution software provider and we’re certainly not accusing any software providers of foul play. However, we have been providing lead software in the lead generation industry since 2001 and we have learned a thing or two over the years.

We understand the factors that can often make or break the most successful lead companies. One thing we know for sure is that spending extra time worrying about your lead distribution system and your lead software provider diverts your time and attention away from the business activities that matter most. You need a lead distribution provider that enables you to focus on your marketing efforts, new client relationships, how to better serve your customers and, in general, all the revenue-producing activities that drive your business.

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Do Yourself The Favor

So all we ask is this. When evaluating lead software providers, be sure to ask if they also buy or sell leads. Your lead distribution system is the backbone of your lead business. This is the last place you should be dealing with a conflict of interest.

boberdoo.com has been building lead distribution systems since 2001. We do not buy or sell leads. boberdoo is committed solely to providing the best software and service to lead companies to help their businesses grow. If you are in the market for lead distribution software, we would love to show you exactly how boberdoo works. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 or fill out the form below.

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