March 2015 Newsletter

Let The Madness Begin!

Welcome to the newsletter! By the time the NCAA Tournament tips off tomorrow, generating leads may be the last thing on your mind. Whether you're streaming each game from your desk or cashing in on a “sick day”, you might find it difficult to get anything done. We get it. In fact, we encourage it. Enter the boberdoo Bracket Pool below for a chance to win $100! Even if you aren’t a fan of March Madness, we’ve got you covered. This month’s newsletter is loaded with information built for lead companies just like yours. GO TO BOBERDOO.COM

Tip Of The Day

Not sure what a specific switch does in your filter set? Check out our filter set definition page for a rundown of every setting.


If You’ve Never Been To LeadsCon, Here’s What You Need To Know

Not sure if LeadsCon is worth the investment? Take a look at this post and make the right decision when the next LeadsCon rolls around.



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This week we introduce: Match Media Group

Match Media Group is a marketing and lead generation provider for Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Improvement, Solar, and Home Insurance. We specialize in direct marketing connections to fulfill our clients’ lead quality and volume needs. Our personalized approach and ongoing optimization efforts are what produce higher conversions for our clients.

We are currently focusing on matching Auto Insurance buyers with our new generation campaigns that are seeing conversions as high as 30%. Our buyer orders for these campaigns are filling fast, please contact us today for more information.

(407) 739-3244 or


Do You Buy Insurance Leads?

If so, this is a must read. Optimize your lead business with the most advanced ping post technology on the market.


Forget Green Beer. Put More Green In Your Wallet This St. Patrick’s Day

Happy day after St. Patrick’s Day! With the green beer (and green stained teeth) gone for the year, now’s the best time to focus on putting more green in your pocket!

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