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On Generating Debt Consolidation Leads

The world of debt consolidation leads has been pretty crazy over the last few years. When the housing market collapsed a few years ago, debt consolidation was the "backup" vertical for many people working in mortgage and other similar verticals. But even as the housing market has started to rebound, debt consolidation has remained an integral part of many businesses. This means for anyone generating debt consolidation leads, there's a good amount of history and experience out there in the world. We originally worked exclusively with mortgage companies. Nowadays, we help debt consolidation experts all over the globe. So what separates the great lead generators from the rest of the pack? It's actually not too complex.

generating debt consolidation leads

Tips On Generating Debt Consolidation Leads

Many companies that generate their own leads think that detail is the name of the game. Asking not just for contact information, but personal history, financial history, etc. is a fairly common practice. After all, someone buying a lead will want as much information as possible before making the purchase decision, right? Well, only technically correct. Ultimately, debt consolidation experts need leads, and if there aren't any out there on the market, they'll take what they can get.

So what does this mean? One of the biggest limiters of leads is how much effort a lead has to put in just to get the process started. If your form is 3 pages long and asking for every last detail, nobody is going to fill it out. When working in debt consolidation, there's really only 3 things that are necessary for a buyer to make a purchasing decision. Those are:

  • The contact info
  • The state the lead lives in
  • The amount of debt they have accrued

That's it! No need for huge, labyrinthian forms that ask for everything under the sun. This will benefit you in a few ways. First, you will generate significantly more leads. If leads have to put in less time to get the help they need, they'll be more likely to seek it. Second, they will be easier to distribute. You won't have to bother with complex filtering and qualification - the basics will go to your buyers and they'll be able to make a snap decision.

While your leads may sell for slightly less because they don't have the lead's maiden name, social security number, or favorite song, the quantity of leads you can distribute will skyrocket, and ultimately lead to more cash in your pocket.

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