Alternatives to Round Robin Lead Distribution

For some systems, passing around leads Round Robin style works just fine. For many businesses, though, they may need something a bit more... exotic. Round robin has its flaws, and branching out to more dynamic, interesting, or colorful lead distribution strategies can be hugely beneficial for your business. How so? Well, read about these three alternatives to round robin lead distribution and find out for yourself:

round robin lead distribution with

Ping Post

While we’ve written plenty on ping post, it’s really because we can’t get enough of it. Tons of lead verticals, like all kinds of insurance and home improvement, use ping post as their primary lead distribution strategy. The way ping post works is by sending only a little bit of information out to a wide range of buyers to start. This information can then be used by the buyers to figure out if the lead is right for them. If so, they can bid on the rest of the information like an auction, and the highest bidder gets the lead. This way, lead quality skyrockets, and the pricing remains competitive.

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A push/pull system combines two different round robin alternatives into one slick system. Pushing leads to your agents is a fancier way of saying that you’re assigning leads to individual agents. Pulling leads means that your agents are handpicking leads out of a pool. But these are either too specific & slow, or too broad and… still slow. You shouldn’t have to spend time thinking about who’s best for the lead. Push/Pull assigns a small pool of leads to a small group of sales representatives, who can then pull their favorite lead from that pool. This way, leads are being assigned to reps with particular skills, but the reps can work at their own pace (while still competing with others). You can read more about Push/Pull here.


Our final round robin alternative, which is very popular in the Payday industry, is waterfall distribution. In this lead distribution method, all buyers are given a certain priority in the system - this can be based on seniority, price, personal relationships with the vendor, or any other reason. Leads are then attempted to be sold based on priority. If a high priority buyer turns down the lead, it moves on to the next highest priority buyer. This is a very specifically used, but effective, lead distribution method.

So there you have it. If you’re using round robin distribution, you may want to consider if there are any better distribution methods for your business. Could you use an auction system like ping post to boost your profits? Could you help your agents with a push/pull method? Or could you help your best buyers with a waterfall system? Luckily, if you’re using the boberdoo system, it’s easy to switch between these different distribution methods. If you’re interested in learning more, click the banner above, open a ticket, or call 800-776-5646.

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