What We Learned at Response Expo

We’ve attended quite a few lead industry-related conferences over the years and decided to give Response Expo a try. Although we confirmed some assumptions for a conference focusing on direct response marketing, we were also surprised by several aspects. If you’re considering attending or exhibiting at a Response Expo in the future, here’s what you need to know.

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Calls Over Web Traffic

We were surprised to find out that a large percentage of the businesses at Response Expo were either looking for call center services or representing call centers themselves. Direct response marketing naturally favors calls, but we had several conversations with people who were completely dismissive of web leads and data.

Primarily Proprietary Campaigns

Again, direct response marketing oftentimes lends itself to one-off marketing campaigns for specific products or businesses. However, we were surprised at how little interest most people at Response Expo had in running generic campaigns.

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Value For Attendees, Not Exhibitors

We have been to a lot of lead and marketing related conferences and we can say without a doubt that Response Expo had the least trafficked show floor we have ever seen. If you are attending, you have the pick of the litter when it comes to visiting booths. However, exhibitors beware! We also spoke to several long-time exhibitors that explained that the Response Expo in Las Vegas is a much larger conference. If you’re dead set on going, be sure to attend the Vegas conference.

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