How Scenarios Handle Post Rejects

What Are Ping Post Scenarios?

If you have ever heard of leads selling exclusively or non-exclusively (shared) then you are already halfway to understanding scenarios. For those of you who do not know, it is pretty simple. When a lead is sold to only one buyer, the lead is considered exclusive. When there are multiple buyers, the lead is non-exclusive. When there are no buyers, well that might just be bad luck on your end. 
Now the system uses scenarios decide to what the best course of action is when selling a lead that could be exclusive or non-exclusive. Once the lead is pinged out, the system grabs the price offers, as well as whether it is exclusive or shared. The system then calculates which way the lead is sold will accrue the most profit. For example: If a buyer wants to buy a lead exclusively for $20, and 4 buyers want to buy the lead non-exclusively for $23 collectively, in theory the lead would be sold to the 4 buyers, since $23 > $20.

The Sophisticated Routing Logic Behind Re-Calculation 

While leads selling exclusively is more cut and dry, non-exclusive leads when sold, go though each buyer to see if they want to accept it. If all buyers accept, the lead is sold. However, if the first buyer does not accept the lead, the scenario re-calculates. With the above example: If the first non-exclusive buyer declines the lead, the system re-calculates. The new sum for the non-exclusive buyers is then $18; the lead will then sell to the exclusive buyer for $20. 
Exclusive buyers are easier to deal with because its only one person accepting the lead. Non-exclusive buyers are the ones that can be a bit of a gamble. For example: Once a non-exclusive lead is accepted, it is locked in and sold to those buyers, even if all the other buyers decline. So, if all buyers except for buyer number 4 accepts (let's say buyer 4's bid was $5), the seller will only get $17 for the lead. 

Priority Over Price

Ping post scenarios happen in real time, and are put in place to get the most money out of a lead. If scenarios are not really your style, the opposite of this would be priority distribution. Priority is where, regardless of price, a lead is routed to a seller that has the most priority for that specific filter set. There could be many different reasons why a buyer would have priority, such as, amount of time gone by, or that buyer has accepted more leads. For example: Buyer 1 wants to buy a lead for $20, but buyer 2 has priority because they have not had a lead in a longer amount of time, even though they are buying the lead for $17. There are other different distribution methods, but priority and price are used the most. 

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