What Is Lead Routing? | How Real Time Lead Routing Works

Lead Routing And How It Is Used

The biggest thing about the boberdoo system from a high overview is the ability to track, route and bill for leads in real time. For those of you who are newer to lead distribution, we broke down what it is and what the correlation is with lead generation and lead distribution.

What Is Lead Routing?


Lead routing put simply, is the process of a lead being distributed to a buyer. This can happen in different ways, but the way a lead routes to a buyer in the boberdoo system is simple, as shown in this infographic. 

1. A lead enters the system with different parameters depending on the vertical, nationally or internationally, and what the lead wants.

2. The lead distribution system will sort through all the specific filtersets that buyers set up for themselves, depending on the leads they want to buy. For example, if a buyer is only interested in leads that are from California, a lead from Florida will not match their filterset. 

3. Finally, when all the buyers are filtered out to the ones that match, depending on the distribution method that is selected or quality score, the lead is sold to that buyer if they accept it. If they do not accept it, it is offered to the next best match and so on. 

Common Issues With Lead Routing

With there being different systems with different ways of routing leads, keep in mind that some ways may work better than others. Routing leads with a manual process slows down everything to a crawl, and can hurt your chances of qualifying the lead if the process takes too long.

Filtersets can cause issues as well; it is mostly trial and error to find the perfect filterset. Filtering too broadly bring in leads that are not as high-quality and can flood your sales reps. On the other hand, filtering too specifically can cause you to miss out on leads. Doing testing, such as bid experiment testing is the best way to get both your filterset as well as your bidding prices down pat! 

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 boberdoo has been in the lead distribution industry for over 18 years and has seen all the ups and downs. In that time we have perfected our system to work with different verticals and have optimized for any use case in need of lead distribution. Request a demo today to see our system route leads in action!

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