Inbound Call Tracking: How Analytics Help You

Inbound call tracking is actually a pretty big deal. With mobile web users on the rise for years with no signs of stopping, forms are on their way out. Typing is hard, calling is easy. In fact, 70% of people have called a business straight from the search results. Businesses are booming off of calls, and the best part is that they can still be treated like web leads. That is, testing, analytics, and statistics to find out just how useful it is. Here are some interesting things you can find out with inbound call tracking:

inbound call tracking

Device demographics

This is probably one of the first things you’ll want to find out, and also probably the easiest. This is important to pretty much everyone in a company. Sales people know that mobile users are most likely not calling from an office, so the tone of the conversation should change. Generally, it’d be a bit more casual for mobile and more formal for office calls. Marketing people need to know who’s on mobile and how they use it to more effectively segment advertisements. Management need to know how much of their traffic is coming from mobile to bolster or thin out their call reps. No matter which way you slice it, knowing the contact medium is great for business.

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Unique numbers

If you’re running multiple phone campaigns, they can easily be compared against each other when statistics are available. Running unique numbers on each campaign allows them to be easily segmented. This means that if each is marketed to a different geographic area, a different keyword, even a different group of interests on social media, they can each be tracked in any number of ways. Call length, time of day, day of week, and any other way you can think of.

Prove ROI

To impress your boss, use inbound call tracking to prove your ROI. Historically calls have made it hard to quantify their effectiveness, but now, exact numbers are easy to come by. And when 20% of potential buyers talk to sales reps as their first move and mobile users are 39% more likely to call, it’s easy to make your analytics tie directly to your sales.

Inbound call tracking should be a major part of any company because of how prominent mobile search and advertising has become. If you’re not using advanced tracking features for your inbound calls, give us a call. We at boberdoo have been creating inbound call tracking and routing software since 2001 and we would be happy to show you around our system. Just call 800-776-5646 or click here.

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