Sell Your Leads: A Beginner's Guide

By: Scott Hettman

Generating leads is only half the battle. When it comes to capturing your leads and selling them to your buyers, you might find it a little hard to put all the pieces together. That's why we've put together a brief beginners guide on selling leads. While there are certainly many nuances that go into selling leads, we hope that this abbreviated outline can help you organize your business to achieve the ultimate goal in the lead gen industry: sell your leads!

sell your leads

1. Build a network of buyers

This is perhaps as important as generating the leads themselves. If you're struggling to set up buyer-seller relationships, a great way to start is by selling your leads to wholesale buyers. Since these buyers are going to turn around and sell your leads again, you won't be able to sell leads to them at a premium price. However, until you start adding end service provider buyers to your network, these serve as a great way to make sure you profit from your leads and make sure virtually each lead is sold and serviced.

Are you struggling to find new buyers? Below are just a few ways that you can get in contact with buyers:

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2. Segment Your Leads

One of the biggest advantages you have when trying to sell your leads is segmentation. The more you are able to segment your leads based on the source that you generated and the lead information itself, the easier it will be to convince prospective buyers to give your leads a try. Talk with prospective buyers, determine exactly which fields they require and make sure your leads contain the right information. You can then segment your leads for each of your buyers and ensure that every lead they buy is catered to them. Oh, and did I mention this allows you to sell each lead at a higher price? High quality leads are king and the key to the castle is segmentation.

3. Sell Your Leads

Yes, we can finally talk about selling leads. There are several ways in which you can sell your leads, but they are not all created equal. You are probably aware of selling leads on a batch basis. While it’s easy to email your buyer a spreadsheet filled with contact information, it is the least desirable (and generally least profitable) way to sell your leads. The best way to sell your leads is automatically and in real-time. Lead distributions systems such as boberdoo give you the ability to automatically capture, route and sell each of your incoming leads and calls in real-time, letting you sit back and watch your profits climb.

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