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The Top 10 Benefits of Call Routing Software

Call routing software is a crucial piece of lead distribution technology that every lead company should utilize. While the benefits for lead companies are nearly endless, there are also some serious benefits that call routing software provides to the leads as well. If you're not currently generating calls or are shopping a new system to maximize your call offering, read on. This post digs into the 10 top benefits of call routing software for both the leads themselves as well as your lead generation business.

call routing software benefits

Top 5 Call Routing Software Benefits For The Lead

1. Put The Lead In Control: Allowing the lead to call in at his/her discretion (rather than asking the lead to provide details and await a call) puts the lead in the driver's seat. The lead can reach out at the time when they are ready and most interested in the product or service.

2. The Lead Can Protect His/Her Information: With web leads, a lead has no choice but to fill out the required fields in order to receive the requested product or service. With calls, the lead has the freedom to share whatever information with the call buyer that he/she chooses.

3. Give The Lead Contact Options: If your marketing material's only outreach option is a lead form, you're limiting your audience's choice. By providing both a form and a phone number, you're allowing the lead to reach out to you in whichever method they prefer. In order to optimize the customer experience, you must provide choices.

4. Find The Best Service Provider: Using call routing software that allows the lead to provide additional information via an IVR or a call center rep prior to routing the call helps find the right buyer for the lead. Your software can utilize this information to match the best possible buyer by geographic location, product or service request and more.

5. Maximize Successful Calls: With the right call routing software you can optimize the number of calls answered by your buyers and track the performance of your buyers to maximize the number of successful calls. Tools such as ring timeouts can roll unanswered calls over to the next best buyer and recordings for every call can help you weed out bad call buyers. This allows you to maximize the experience for the lead and optimize your call service.

call routing boberdoo.com

call routing software benefits

5 Call Routing Software Benefits For The Lead Company

1. Virtually 100% Contact Rate: Because the lead is the one taking the action and calling into your number, you can provide a connection between the lead and the end service provider virtually every time.

2. Caller Is Motivated: With web leads, the customer requesting a product or service needs to wait for the provider to reach out to them. With calls, the lead is reaching out, meaning they can connect with a provider at the very time that they are most in need or most likely to purchase.

3. Calls Sell For A Premium: Because of the two points above, calls are extremely valuable to end service providers. This allows lead generators to charge more for calls than for their web lead counterparts.

4. Billing Options And Flexibility: Charge your buyers only for calls that reach a minimum time, charge for every call or even charge for the minutes used by the buyer. Create automated invoices or even utilize automated re-billing to build the exact billing process that works best for you.

5. Same System And Routing Logic As Web Leads: You don't need a separate solution to handle your call routing needs. With sophisticated lead and call distribution systems like boberdoo, all calls are routed through the same system and with the same logic as web leads.

boberdoo.com has been building technology for the lead industry since 2001. Our sophisticated call routing software continues to help lead generation companies connect leads and end services providers. Our call technology gives you numerous options that allow you to maximize the customer experience and automate and optimize your call flow. Give us a call at 800-776-5646 to explore exactly how boberdoo can take your business to the next level.

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