Use Artificial Intelligence To Pay Less For Open Enrollment Leads

It is that time of year again! No, I am not talking about Halloween. Thanksgiving? Well, I guess it is during that time, but what I am mentioning is Open Enrollment for 2022! This year, other than some great tips about handling influxes of leads, we have something that will blow your profits out of the water! That would be our Artificial Intelligence Bidding Model! This model was put together and nurtured by our renowned data science team and is constantly growing and changing to best align with how ping post ebbs and flows. 

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During open enrollment, there will be a significant increase in the volume of incoming pings (supply), while the total demand may only increase based on the short-term staff added specifically for open enrollment. When supply exceeds demand in the marketplace, there are opportunities to capture savings. So if your bidding price remains constant, you would be overpaying for the leads that you could have bought for less. The AI model learns from the previous performance and adjusts your bids accordingly.

For example, instead of getting the 1000 leads per week at $7.78 per lead on average, you could have bought them for $6.75 per lead on average with the help of the model, and that's $1030 saved in just one week! The actual savings estimate depends on a number of factors, but we have proven success with this level of savings on existing clients for the AI Savings Model. As you know, other buyers have limits that will be fulfilled at different times, let our AI Model find the competition gaps to get the best prices. In addition, with Open Enrollment being such a busy time, let the AI update bid prices automatically, so you do not have to manually do it yourself! So what are you waiting for? Open Enrollment is fast approaching, learn more about our AI Model below!

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To keep up to date on how our model is changing, to see what our data science team is up to, and find out how boberdoo is continuously working on new ways to improve the lead industry, follow our newsletter to keep in touch. Otherwise, check out our AI Model changelog to see all the past and present updated changes. Even if you are not interested in using Artificial Intelligence to help your lead buying, strategies can always be improved. Be sure to check out our webinar on the best ways to handle Open Enrollment.

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