Personalizing Your Advanced Call Routing System

Nobody wants to do business with a bland and boring company, just like no company wants to blend into the background and be forgettable. There are tons of avenues to create a personal touch: marketing, inventory, interpersonal service, just to name a few. But this personalization has to start right away, and what’s the first thing customers hear? Nine times out of ten, I bet it’s your call routing system. If you’re working with an advanced call routing system and not making it your own, you’re missing out on valuable customer retention techniques. Here’s how to personalize your advanced call routing system:

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What Makes A Great Advanced Call Routing System?

A Good IVR

An automated message is usually the first thing that people hear when they call in, and for good reason. Guiding callers to the right department would be tedious if done manually. This message doesn’t have to be dull and dry, though. By adding humor, music, or business-specific language, customers will be reassured that they reached the right destination, and will hopefully be entertained on the call. This can help reduce call turnover and improve customer satisfaction.

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Multiple Numbers

By working with multiple phone numbers, your calls can be personalized across websites, area codes, and more. Use different numbers for billboards, online ads, and commercials to properly track the effectiveness of your marketing. Run different numbers for sales & support to reduce the number of hoops people have to jump through to get help. There are lots of creative ways to take advantage of having more than one number for your system.

The Human Touch

Your agents and employees can add a lot to your advanced call routing system, too. For example, by checking out where the caller is calling in from, their name from caller ID, and more, conversation can be catered to the customer. Talking about the weather there, or calling them by their first name without asking for it, can both lead to a more personal phone call and better customer satisfaction.

If your call routing system could use some more personal touches, you should really be using the boberdoo system. Our advanced call routing system gives you dozens of options for personalization, while still keeping the high and features you expect out of a call routing system. If you want to find out more, give us a call at  800-776-5646 or click the banner above!

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