Call Center Software: The Rise of the Cloud

Call centers have been around for ages. For half a century, people have been routing calls by hand, via hardware, and that only changed in the late 90's. By then, local software took over most of the work on desktop computers, but even then, it was easily corrupted and hard to set up. But now, call routing can be done digitally, using call center software from the cloud to intelligently route calls. Cloud based call center software has some major improvements to locally-hosted software. Let's talk about why using a cloud-based service is important for your call center:

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No Need to Maintain Hardware

The days of the giant switchboard have been gone for a while now, but even the software at the beginning of the internet age was very rudimentary. It often relied on clunky, unreliable computers, which still needed a landline. Now, everything is done online, with just a login required. If there's a problem with the software, it can be resolved by the service providers. No more fumbling with disks or switchboards, or even manual updates. Any cloud-based service worth its salt will automatically and consistently fix any errors and upgrade.

Pay For What You Use

You don't need to invest thousands in a program that you've never used, nor do you have to worry about "getting your money's worth." Call center software offered through the cloud often has tiered pricing, like boberdoo, so you only pay based on what you're using. Don't gamble on how efficient you can be with your call center software. Pay just for what you need.

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Build On What You Have

Instead of sticking with a subpar service just because you have it, feel free to upgrade. SaaS platforms are built to be customizable, so if you need some extra features in your call center software, just ask! boberdoo, for example, offers customization of any aspect of the system for a flat hourly fee, including custom reports, delivery options, and more. Don’t compromise for a system that does most of what you want. Work with your software developers to make it something great.


So what are you waiting for? Upgrade your old call center software to a smarter, cloud-based software. I may be biased, but consider boberdoo. boberdoo has been routing calls for nearly a decade, is constantly improving and innovating, and works with your company to make sure you get the service you need for the price you want. Give us a call today at 800-776-5646, or click the banner above for a free demo!

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