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Generating Call Center Live Transfers Might Be Easier Than You Think

As many of you know, the distribution system also contains inbound phone routing capaibilities to connect the lead directly with the call buyer.  But you may not know that, with a few custom switches, you can also route call center live transfer leads through a system.   If you are considering a call center, we recommend you read this post.

Lead types in are designed to be autonomous, allowing our clients maximum flexibility in their lead generations operations.  In cases where there is data or qualifications gathered by the call center during the live transfer process, there is no way to pass that data with the call because the lead types and generation method are different.  

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However, we have built a custom solution to this issue so your system can match the data portion of a live transfer with the buyer that received the call portion.  Of course, you still maintain all of the routing and distribution options you have come to expect from and can take advantage of multiple billing options to add live transfers to your product offering.

The Process

The process for generating call center live transfers through is fairly simple.  You give your call center a 800 number leased through the system and a way (typically a post or URL) to get the lead into your system. When your call center has a live transfer, they post the data portion of the live transfer and dial the boberdoo number.  Once the inbound call is routed to the appropriate buyer, the system finds the data portion of the lead and automatically matches it to the same buyer.  Now your live transfer buyer can receive the lead, via any delivery method, while on the same call.

Call center live transfers offer many benefits, as a supplement or addition to your current lead generation efforts.  Buyers like the high contact rate and pre-qualification and lead generators like the premium they command.  If you would like to learn more about how can help you in routing call center live transfers or any other custom projects, please call 800-776-5646.

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