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Utilizing Click2Call For Lead Generation

Make It Easy For Your Leads To Call With Click2Call

Click2Call technology makes it easy for anyone browsing the internet on their cell phone to quickly call a phone number that they click on. When a smartphone user clicks a Click2Call number, they can automatically dial the number without having to type or copy it and without having to leave their website browser. Click2Call can be a very useful tool for any online marketer or lead generation company, yet there are still many companies that do not utilize this simple, yet useful technology. Because of this, we have compiled a list of 4 things about Click2Call that you should know:

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1) The Smartphone Revolution

As of January of 2014, 58 percent of American adults were smartphone owners, according to Pew Internet Research. As you know, this number continues to grow along with people’s mobile purchasing habits. Because people oftentimes use their smartphones when making purchasing decisions, Click2Call technology is more important than ever.

2) Untapped Marketing Strategy

Click2Call also provides you with the opportunity to market your lead generation offer in a new way. Because the customer can call directly from your ad without needing to learn more, go to your website, or even close out of their web browser, it takes much less effort for an interested prospect to initiate a request for quote (or whatever your value proposition is). With Click2call, you don’t necessarily need to draw the customer back to your website or use a premium number that is catchy or easier to remember. All you need from them is one click. Because of this, you can tap into a new marketing strategy that targets mobile users specifically.

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3) Cater to the Lead's Needs

Using Click2Call technology also benefits the lead as well. We all know that browsing the internet on a smartphone can be a little more difficult than with a full sized computer. By making it easier for people to click and call in one step, you are removing a barrier to the initial contact and making the entire process more simplistic and comfortable.

4) Same Simple Process

Finally, it is also easy to implement Click2Call campaigns. In the case of the boberdoo.com lead distribution system, all you need to do is order an 800 number from your system and put it into your offer.  That’s it. All of your Click2Call campaigns will be routed and sold the same way as the standard inbound phone routing process.

Click2Call campaigns can be a profitable addition to your current marketing efforts. Although Click2Call technology may seem like a minor feature in respect to your marketing campaign as a whole, it can absolutely help you generate more leads and your clients to close more deals.

The boberdoo.com lead distribution system comes equipped with Click2Call capabilities. You can still route your calls exactly the way you want, with all of the phone routing features that come standard with the boberdoo system. If you would like to learn more about Click2Call campaigns or how they operate within your boberdoo system, feel free to click the Contact Us tab or call 800-776-5646.

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