Why Fast Phone Routing Is Important In Home Improvement

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Nowadays, it may be hard to wonder why one even needs phone routing. Isn't everything done on the internet these days? Who actually talks to people? REAL people? Well, you would be surprised. According to Conversion Scientist, inbound phone calls are 10-15x more likely to convert than web leads. But why? Really, what it all comes down to is speed. The speed of service that phone routing provides is important to find customers, keep customers, and give them the best possible service at any time.

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Why Phone Routing Speed is Crucial

In a fast-paced vertical like home improvement, where people take the most readily available service they can get, being able to get in touch with every customer who reaches out is super important. Web leads can make this tough, with bogus information and old leads finding their way into many web lead systems. Phone routing, however, guarantees a real customer voice on the other end. As long as you pick up the phone, you’re getting someone actively interested in your services.

Along with this, new tools make it easier than ever for customers to get in touch with you via phone. Click to Call ads allow customers to get in touch with you with one press of a button. Nobody on the road is going to want to type out their name, address, project, etc. on a landing page, but they’re going to use a search engine to figure out who to get in touch with, so even the most basic AdWords setup can greatly increase your live leads.

Home improvement, too, has a lead type that is pretty much exclusive to just the home improvement vertical - emergency leads. When someone’s pipes burst, they’re not going to wait for their web lead to go through. They won’t even want to wait for a call back the next morning. Any decent call routing system will be able to customize what hours your calls go through, meaning you can have a regular business line during your business hours and an emergency number available at any time. Putting off an emergency lead is a guaranteed way to lose out on good business.

Ultimately, home improvement may be a lengthy process, but starting the process should never be that way. If you’re running home improvement solely off of web leads, you are missing out on valuable revenue that can bring your business to the next level in terms of profitability and customer service.

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