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5 Ways To Market 800 Numbers

Start Marketing 800 Numbers Today & Earn More Revenue

800 numbers aren't new to the lead generation or marketing game. Businesses have been utilizing and marketing their toll-free numbers for decades and there aren't any signs of that slowing down. And while they certainly aren't the newest fad in encouraging customer engagement, 800 numbers remain as the old faithful tool that allow motivated customers to reach out to your buyers as soon as possible. 800 numbers have long been the sign of professionalism and legitimacy for businesses both large and small, but for lead generation companies, it is the high contact rate and premium that 800 numbers produce that is most attractive.  If you have not added selling calls generated by 800 numbers to your lead portfolio yet, it is time to reconsider.  For those that need a little help, here are 5 ways to market your 800 numbers:

800 Numbers - boberdoo

1. Click2Call

Click2Call is an emerging player in the call game that is evolving the way you can market to mobile phone users. It allows leads to call your 800 number with just one click without having to remember the number, dial on their phone or even leave their web browser.  While it may not be the best quality lead you ever produced, the volume potential and low cost-per-lead make Click2Call an attractive marketing medium for generating calls.

2. Call Extensions In Paid Search

If you've ever seen an 800 number next to a paid search ad then you know what this is. Providing your 800 number on your paid search ads can greatly increase contact rate. While Google has taken steps to prevent "free" calls from the call extension, this method produces high quality leads and can still utilize the advanced routing features of boberdoo's call routing.

3. Live Transfers

Using 800 numbers for live transfers is a great way to diversify your lead offering and present your lead buyers with a premium option. There certainly are challenges, like finding a good call center, but live transfers can give you something to pitch to those buyers that cannot work traditional internet leads efficiently enough to continue to reorder.

4. Landing Page

Those who are veterans in generating calls know the importance of adding an 800 number to their landing pages. However, if you strictly deal in web leads, you might not know the true potential in marketing 800 numbers. If someone makes their way to your landing page, but doesn't want to provide their personal information on your form, they then have the option to call instead. Not only does this cater to people that would prefer to make contact over the phone, but these calls are also worth more than traditional web leads due to the accurate phone number and high contact rate.

5. Email Blasts

In a similar way to landing pages, adding 800 numbers to your email blasts can greatly increase conversion rates by providing the reader with multiple opportunities to become a lead. While email blasts can come off as automated and non-personal, providing an 800 number can ensure the recipient that the offer is legitimate and there are actual providers able to service their inquiry.

Utilizing 800 numbers in the lead generation industry is not a revelation, but as mobile usage increases more lead opportunities will come from calls generated from 800 numbers. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of what you can do with an 800 number, it does serve as a good baseline for companies looking to expand their lead portfolio.

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The boberdoo lead distribution system was built to accommodate the use of 800 numbers in a variety of ways. Our solution gives users the freedom to route and bill for calls exactly how they want to. boberdoo clients even have the luxury of ordering all of their 800 numbers right from their boberdoo system. Not only can you order as many numbers as you need, but the total time it takes between ordering a number and receiving it for use is less than one minute. You can grab a number for a new campaign and start marketing it immediately. Do you already have an 800 number? No problem. We can even port your existing numbers through the boberdoo system and have you routing calls in no time. If you would like to learn more about the boberdoo system or our call routing solutions, click the Contact Us tab or give us a call at OUR 800 number, 800-776-5646.

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