It’s 2015. Why would I need call routing software?

The 4 Reasons That You Need Call Routing Software

It’s 2015. Drones are a reasonable conversation topic over dinner. Google created a pair of glasses that can download its own apps and 3D printing is a thing. And that’s not even mentioning the continuous diffusion of smartphones and their enormous advancements. So in 2015 why would anyone want to invest in call routing software? Even I’ll admit I won’t even pick up a phone to get one of the most rewarding things in life: food delivered to my door. However, no matter how much it seems like we’ve advanced past the era of phone calls and into the age of online interaction, the truth is that we still rely on calls to a considerable extent. Although phone calls seem far less common in general day-to-day life, they remain extremely profitable for businesses and important to marketers, especially in the lead generation industry. Just ask telecommunications giant Charter how important utilizing and marketing phone numbers is. I’m still trying to get that annoying jingle out of my head. Still don’t believe me? Well check out the 4 reasons why you need call routing software for your lead business.

Call Routing Software

1. People are still making phone calls

It seems like the word is making fewer phone calls. With social media, online shopping and text messaging, we could probably get through every day and interact with anyone we want without making a call. However, as reported by the Boston Globe, the average American spends just as much time on phone calls per day as they did prior to texting and the diffusion of smartphones. People are still making calls at a high rate and generating inbound phone leads is still extremely profitable.

2. Emergencies

We may be submerged in the digital age, but one thing that has not changed is how we get help in an emergency. When you wake up in the middle of the night to a burst pipe and a flooded basement I highly doubt that you’re shooting out an emergency email. You quickly find an emergency service line and make a call. Lead companies can easily take advantage of this exact scenario with call routing software by providing an emergency number for people to call.

3. It’s harder than ever to get conversions

Customers in 2015 are smarter and more cynical than ever. Each of us are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. Getting someone’s attention is extremely difficult. Getting a conversion is nearly impossible. So why limit your customers’ options when they are interested in your product or service? By providing a phone number to call in addition to your web form, you remove friction from the conversion process and capture the people that would not have otherwise submitted a form. It also doesn’t hurt that calls can be sold at a higher price than web leads.

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4. Technology is still advancing

When you hear call routing software what do you imagine? If it’s your grandmother making a local call on her wall-mounted, chord-in phone, then you’re overlooking the modern advancements in call routing technology. As landlines start to meet the same fate as the dinosaurs, call routing has become focused on the smartphone user. Click2Call technology allows users to instantly call from the web browser on their phone. Outbound IVRs allow you to reach your clients or customers and give them a choice of how or if they want to reach you and call routing software linked with mobile marketing provides endless business opportunities.

You’re right, it’s 2015. So what are you waiting for? Explore call routing software today!

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